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robison electronics

Over twenty million parts are maintained in inventory including encapsulation shells, component mounting insulators and specialty molded plastic items such as hybrid covers and mounting systems for magnetics.

Encapsulation Shells --Compression molded thermoset plastic (Diallyl Phthalate) shells used to encapsulate or enclose electronic circuitry and components.
Hybrid Covers --Injection molded LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) plastic covers used to cover or protect electronic circuitry and components.
Mounting Insulators --Injection molded LCP plastic mounting hardware used to assist in the fabrication of more reliable electronic assemblies.
Coil Mounting Products --Injection molded LCP plastic mounts used to provide an economical, fast and easy means of mounting inductors and transformers to printed circuit boards and chassis.
Assembly Hardware --A series of mounting and assembly products to be used in conjunction with other Robison Electronics, Inc. products.
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